Do you like sarcastic banter and stories while you visit your repair shop? Come to Frank’s. Frank has been in the business for years and the shop reflects it. He is very up front with his estimates and assessments. If he thinks something isn’t worth fixing, he’ll tell you. If it’s an easy job you can do yourself, he’ll tell you that too. He might even tell you if a task is a complete pain in the behind — but he’ll make sure the work is done. I took my Subaru in for a very strange electrical problem. It took two tries to identify and fix the problem, but the shop crew involved me in the investigation process and was very transparent about their efforts — even taking me into the shop so I could take a look myself. They may not be able to work miracles, but they get my vote for earning a customer’s trust.Rich M.
Lexington, MA
The first time I went there i was very happy but forgot to leave them a good review. Today I went there for the second time for brake check and a problem with a squeaking window. Very happy with their service. Friendly and helpful staff.Nariman R.
Allston, MA
Amazing customer service! I had a flat tire so I brought my car over to Frank. He pulled my car in and had me come take a look at all my tires. He showed me each and every one and explained how all of them were worn. I was weary of being told I needed 4 new tires but he was right and made sure to explain/show the reasonings. He asked me for my price range/preference and he delivered! He kept within my budget and had my car back to me same day. I also received a free alignment with the purchase of 4 tires. Franks will certainly be my go to repair shop!Maria L.
Waltham, MA
My husband and I adore Frank and his auto services. We searched for a reliable, honest shop for a long time- trying across various Boston and suburban spots. Frank and his men are it. They clearly communicate what needs to be done, what’s optional, as well as the timeline for upcoming repairs. He’s very patient with questions and never talks down to you. They are accountable for their work and if there’s an error, correct it. Highly recommend this shop!!Rbka P.
Auburndale, MA
I only write reviews for ‘best services’ I’ve encountered since being a contributor to the Yelp community. My experience with Frank’s Auto Repair triggered me to write one today: Our 10 year old Honda Hybrid’s air-condition was not functioning well. We had two other cars serviced at other local garage and didn’t come out good. Drove by the Frank’s Auto and saw their sign of “Air-Conditioning Specialist”, thus decided to give it a try. Frank himself quickly checked out the car air-condition system, replaced the needed parts and returned a Honda with 48 degree AC cooling system!!! It’s not often you find a mechanic who’s honest, fair and precise, this is why we feel obliged to write a good review to let people know about Frank’s Auto!P W.
Waltham, MA
I was a bit worried that there were no reviews of Frank’s on here, but I took a chance and decided to leave my car in Frank’s hands regardless (because the location is so convenient).
I’m glad I did.
Here’s some background about my first visit: My Integra’s hood hasn’t opened for a while. A few weeks ago, I brought the car to South Street Service Center to have it checked out because the reviews here said it was a good place. Well, he checked it out and told me it’d cost me $350 to replace my hood cable and latch. I said thanks for taking a look but decided not to have him do the work. Fast forward to this past Wednesday when I stopped by Frank’s on the way home from work. He told me that I should leave the car there over night so it could get warm, and he’d check it out the next day. I agreed. Come to find out all it needed was a good solvent bath on the hood latch. There was no need to replace any of the parts (which is what South Street wanted to do… I have a review of them forthcoming). Frank called me a few times during the day to keep me updated: first to tell me about the hood latch and solvent, then to ask if I wanted an oil change (it was overdue) which I did, and then because they do a complimentary inspection he discovered that my rear brake pads were almost nonexistent (which makes sense, because I’ve been feeling something weird in the brakes for a while) so he offered to replace them. In all, my trip to Frank’s cost $250, which is $100 less than what the other place was going to charge me for totally unnecessary parts and work. Needless to say, I’m a happy customer. And I’ll gladly be returning to Frank’s for all my auto repair needs from now on. And it helps that Frank seems like a very nice and stand-up guy. If you live in the area and there’s something funky going on with your car, stop by Frank’s. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.Mike L.
Westford, MA
I am so in love with Frank’s. He would have to do something pretty bad for me to change mechanics. He called for permission to increase the quote $10. Incredible. The price he charged for new brakes and two new tires was way below what I have paid in the past. The staff is so fun and down to earth. And they have this quirky thing where you can get a paperback book for free — all beach reading, just in time. My car drives beautifully (2001 Honda Civic) with its new brakes and alignment and tires. I am confident I was not ripped off and that’s all I ask for from a mechanic. Yeah, Frank!Cassie E.
Waltham, MA
I commute to Waltham from Western Mass, and something was just not right with my car this morning… I took a chance and stopped by and talked to Frank himself. Fortunately he was able to fix my car quickly and reasonably so I could head back home in time to beat the traffic. Thank you Frank!Gregory D.
South Hadley, MA
If you are looking for an honest, fair, good mechanic – Franks Auto Repair is the place to go. My experience over the last several years led me to believe “honest mechanic” was an oxymoron…until I came here. I needed new tires and could only afford 2 at a time. I originally went to a chain, and they told me I was crazy not to get 4, and that I needed new brakes. The chain had such an attitude I left and found Frank’s Auto online. Not only was he fairly priced, but he looked at all my tires and thought I was safe to get 2 now and 2 in 6 months. He looked at the brakes and said they were fine and probably would be for another year. He also checked out my vehicle from top to bottom and said I should get an oil change and have the battery cleaned up or replaced. So where another mechanic may have milked it for every dime, Frank took an honest assessment of what I needed. He was also a down-to-earth, all around friendly guy. I will be back.Colleen H.
North Chelmsford, MA