Brake Services 

Brakes Belmont MAWhen it comes to staying safe on the road, you should never skimp on your car’s brakes and tires. Sometimes you need to stop at a moments notice, and if your brakes and tires are worn out, you may not be able to stop as fast as you need to. To avoid being involved in a collision or other unfortunate car accident, it is best to have routine inspections of your tires and breaks. Here at Frank’s Auto Repair & Tire Center we pride ourselves in being masters of brake service and repair. Our experienced mechanics have seen just about every design of brake system out there and are familiar with most. we not only replace worn rotors and pads; we also do complete brake system overhauls including calipers, master and slave cylinders and diagnose and repair ABS system issues. Frank’s Auto Repair & Tire Center is your full service brake service shop in the Waltham, MA and surrounding areas.



Tires Belmont MA

Tires are arguably the most critical component to an automobile. The tires grip and hold you to the road. Bald tires decrease fuel economy, retard handling, and greatly increase stopping distances. All of these conditions are unsafe at best and should be avoided in order to assure the safety of you, your loved ones and other folks on the road. Frank’s Auto Repair & Tire Center, as our name implies, is a full service tire shop. We offer a huge selection of Uniroyal tires in a multitude of styles and sizes to accommodate a large cross-section of popular vehicles. We Install, balance and rotate tires. Unsure of the condition of your tires? Bring your car into Frank’s Auto Repair & Tire Center today for a quick and complementary tire inspection. Our highly trained tire technicians can advise you on if it is time to rotate or replace your current tires.


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