Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignment Belmont MA – Most of the time it is quite obvious when your car is having an alignment issue. Telltale symptoms such as pulling to the left or the right when the steering wheel is held straight or an undue amount of vibration while accelerating lead most automobile technicians right to the alignment. Sometimes however, the  issue can be very subtle. Sometimes minor suspension issues will not be noticed by the driver until time has passed. Minor suspension issues can cause premature tire wear, which is a costly, yet avoidable problem that merely requires routine inspections and periodic tire balancing/rotation. When it comes to alignment issues on your car, a stitch in time truly does save nine.


Vehicle Suspension

Regardless if you are experiencing a major suspension issue, or just want to get on the right track with your car’s routine tire and alignment maintenance, call or come on down to Frank’s Auto Repair & Tire Center right away for the highest quality professional automotive alignment services in the Belmont, MA and surrounding areas.

Our state of the art alignment equipment can detect even the slightest deviation in wheel alignment. Wheels kept in parallel via periodic  inspection and tire balancing/ rotation will significantly extend the life of your vehicles tires and improve handling and braking, which to us means that our customers will be safer on the road.

Shocks and struts take the abuse of the road so that your automobile experience is a smooth and soft one and not bumpy and jerky. Worn out shocks and struts can impede handling and make for an uncomfortable ride. If you are experiencing symptoms of worn out shocks, let Frank’s Auto Repair & Tire Center help you out with getting some brand new shocks and struts installed on your car and get back to that smooth ride that your car had when it was new.